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“With over 20 years experience in the fashion and design industry, and a natural vision of the true potential and concept of spaces, I am passionate about my ability to forecast relevant design before the market becomes oversaturated. In my design approach I value incorporating a certain uniqueness into each project and as a creative person with an eye for detail, I offer solutions that generate a functional and livable feel. 

My goal is to integrate each client's personal requests and taste with my style and experience.


 I have drawn experience and artistry having lived and worked in vastly different parts of the country,

with some of my favorite being the endless inspiration from my time between the sunlit feels of Los Angeles and the bustling energy of New York City.  Specializing in both transitional and timeless spaces,  I have a deep respect and appreciation for all architectural and design style."

                                                   -MOLLY BROWN 

                                          principal and lead design

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